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Apparel & Textile

Apparel & Textile

Manufacturing is a complicated process & simple, when we know what is meant with this term is the know- how of the manufacturing process flexibility & smooth to reach the end product with an organized way & least cost

Apparel & textiles Industry is considered the most complicated industry due to its multiple variables through all the production phases .there are a lot of problems that make it hard to reach accurate results like the difficulty of tracking the inventory of some important materials like threads also tracking the bundle in the production line & the process of attaching some accessories to the product depending on the size or color & many other problems

Success in the manufacturing industry requires producing the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer is willing to pay. The flexibility to respond to compliance standards and the ever-changing needs of customers, such as providing real-time visibility into global operations, is also imperative for success. Meeting these demands requires the ability to make quick decisions based on accurate data

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