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Materials Requirements Planning

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) System

Materials Requirements Planning

The availability of identifying the delivery time for the material’s purchase orders in order to use it in the production process by studying the customer’s sales orders, its quantities and calculation of the delivery dates for the sales orders and taking the delivery date of the production orders into consideration also the unavailable physical on hand of the materials used in production with the ability to create the required purchase orders to cover the production requirements and taking the delivery date for receiving these materials from the vendors into consideration according to the delivery terms in order to deliver to the customer in the accurate delivery date.


- This module aims to follow up of the open or confirmed customer’s sales orders, its lead time on the basis of the item, the customer or the item and the customer together and the delivery dates of the purchase orders with taking the available physical on hand and the production’s lead time into consideration.

- Follow up of the materials balances, production routes, production operations and delivery date of every production order according to the required sales orders and calculation for the purchase lead time on the basis of the vendor, the item or the vendor and the item together in order to identify the delivery date of the planned or firmed purchase order.

- The availability of creating the planned purchase orders according to the materials balances and the finished product’s bill of materials.

- The availability of following up for the planned and firmed purchase orders of the vendors.

- The availability of following up for the budget and confirmed sales orders of the customers.

- The availability of following up for the planned and firmed production orders inside the production routes with taking the capacities of the labors and machines into consideration.

Available Versions

- SQL.