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Textiles Finished Goods Warehouses

Textiles Finished Goods Warehouses

Textiles Finished Goods Warehouses

Recording & following up all warehouses & all types of transactions addition, deduction or transfer and the destination it deals with" original customer, supplier, subcontractor, production line or other. Generate cartons based on the packing instruction and color/size BKDN " break down".


- Follow up receiving the final products from the production line or the subcontractor and release them to customer according to RRR "Ready Made Release Request" from the planning department.

- Follow up receiving the raw materials according to the OC "order confirmation" from the purchase department, and release it to the production lines or subcontracting according to the MRR "Material release request" from the planning department, as well as its follow up transfer materials.

- Follow up & directing warehouse transactions performed with two units Cartons or Pieces and specifying degrees for the finished products "1st, 2nd or 3rd

- Instant follow up for cutting orders with colors & sizes

- Follow up & apply packing conditions & different components of cartons pieces or grades of finished products

- Follow up & check the purchase order balance ,items ,Styles& the ending balance of the warehouses for all items & all grades.

- Following up & getting purchase order color / Size BKDN " break down" within different time intervals.

- Follow up shipping & quantities of a purchase order according to specifications required in different time intervals.

- Integrated with the textiles systems (Sales-Planning and Purchase).

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