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Inventory Control

Inventory Control System

Inventory Control

Preparing the items details divided into codes and item groups whether it is ordinary or tree form, dividing the company’s warehouses into raw materials warehouses, work in process warehouses and production or branch’s warehouses according to the organization’s activity with the availability to define the transaction journal names from addition, deduction or transfer between warehouses & cost centers, also following up & financial auditing for the inventory transaction in quantity & value for the primary & secondary warehouses throughout recording the daily journals per warehouse with the direct effect on the item’s balance in quantity & value, also following up of the on hand & recording the counted on order to extract the deviations in form of profit or loss & creating the adjustment transactions automatically from the system with following up of the inventory valuation according to the different costing methods per warehouse or company.

Extracting a report of the item card in quantity, value, their balances & warehouses balances, also the evaluation of the inventory transaction throughout comparing total receipts, issues or the balances during a specific period in the current year over the previous years and finally following up of the inventory turnover on different levels.


- Financial auditing for inventory transactions & financial values for primary & secondary warehouses.

- Availability of inventory valuation according to different inventory models.

- Evaluation of the inventory transaction throughout the comparison between total receipts, issues and on hand of a specific period in the year over the previous years.

- Controlling the safety stock in the warehouses in order to speed supplying the required quantities in the required time & decreasing the inventory cost amounts.

- Following up of the expiry dates for the different batches of items according to the shelf life days.

- Following up of the counting profits or losses according to the comparison between the on hand & counted and creation of the adjustment transactions.

- Following up of the inventory turnover on the different levels.

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