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Budget Control

Budget Control System

Budget Control System

Prepare and distribute the ledger budget on the ledger accounts and cost centers (monthly & accumulative) in an estimated manner for the months or according to the organization’s requirements and controlling the actual release in order to achieve the actual results with comparing current budget year with previous budget years, also extracting the detailed & summary reports (monthly & accumulative) for the budget, actual and the deviation between them.


- Preparing & distributing of the ledger budget for the accounts on the cost centers level.

- Following up of the actual recording for the accounts and comparing it with the ledger budget.

- Availability of controlling in the actual issues.

- Following up of the deviations in the ledger budget in summary and details forms.

- Following up of the ledger budget over the previous fiscal years and comparing them with the current fiscal year on the account & cost centers focuses

Available Versions

- SQL.

- Oracle.