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Real Estate Add-on Microsoft Dynamics AX


CompactSoft Real Estate Add-on Microsoft Dynamics AX

CompactSoft Real Estate add-on addresses the unique needs of real estate sector. Through graphical tools & multiple forms users will be able to access their real estate data efficiently.

Real Estate Add-on Microsoft Dynamics AX

Solution Description

Some of the features of our Real Estate Add-on:

- Enhanced property management

- Graphical & easy to use creation of units

- Graphical representation of units status

- Easily check the status of your units through web pages

- Enhanced rental management

- Advanced vendor project invoicing

- Fully integrated with Dynamics project, AR, AP, General ledger modules

- Full handling of unit reservation & payment

- Project accounting with multi level projects

- Project scheduling integrated with Microsoft Project

- Project integration with purchasing, sales, inventory & material planning

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