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In Patient Pharmacies

In-Patient Pharmacies Management System

In Patient Pharmacies

Record and follow up of the items, medicines, gases, accessories, consumptions, tools and medical equipments and classify it as groups and analytic items for each group in the hospital’s warehouses and departments with the ability to classify it by the expiry dates if exists. Also record and follow up of the different receipt and issue transactions of all types of medicines, gases, medical consumptions and medical tools throughout the issue notes in sales prices with the direct deduction from its balance and automatic calculation of the cost price for the purpose to cover the patient’s requirements in the hospital and different pharmacies with its different types such as in pharmacy.


- Integration with the patient’s accounts, in pharmacy, out pharmacy, surgeries and emergency modules with dividing the hospital into more than one warehouse for all hospital’s departments and the ability to transfer between them in order to achieve the optimal usage for the item’s balances.

- Record and follow up of the accounts & information for the agents & the produced companies for medicines, tools, equipments and the medical accessories (vendors).

- Record and follow up of the medicines, accessories, medical consumptions and its expiry dates.

- Follow up of the discounts and different taxes with dividing it, also recalculation for the item’s prices and adding it in the related warehouses.

- Follow up of the receipt & issue transactions per warehouse in order to cover the hospital’s requirements including the inpatients pharmacy.

- The direct cost calculation for the issued documents in different costing methods.

- Record and calculate for the different stock control levels (requirement).

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