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Emergency Management

Emergency Management System

Emergency Management

Record and follow up of the doctor’s information or calling their information from the patients accounts throughout the integration between them, also record and follow up of the nurse’s & doctor’s shifts transaction during one day, also record and follow up of the inventory transaction types of different receipts and issues of the patient’s emergency pharmacy requirements throughout integrating with the pharmacy warehouses module with the availability of transferring between different warehouses and departments and finally create the inventory adjustments and automatic calculation for the items balances per warehouse.


- Integration with the internal patients accounts (optional).

- Follow up of the nurse’s shifts transaction during the day.

- Follow up of the doctor’s shifts transaction during the day.

- Record and follow up of the issue transactions of all medicine’s types, gases, medical consumptions & tools and its direct effect on the inventory balances.

- Analytic follow up for the issue of medicines, gases, medical consumptions and tools on the basis of emergency’s patient.

- Follow up of the consumption values from all issues of the emergency’s patients.

- Follow up of the items, medicines, medical consumptions and gases balances.

- Extract a report of the required sales orders of the medicines and the out pharmacy items.

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