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Production Management

Production Management System

Production Management System

Following up of the materials stock in different warehouses in order to cover the production plan throughout creating the bill of materials of each product according to the different units for each material with calculating the material’s variable scrap, also identifying the production stages & operations for each product throughout following up of the production’s routes including the operations & work centers whether they are machines, human resources or tools in order to separate between the internal production & subcontracting in order to achieve the customer’s & marketing requirements with identifying the unused capacities of work centers, reasons of it and handling it in order to achieve the optimal usage of capacity and follow up of the finished product’s quality.


- Recording & following up of the production plan to achieve the marketing requirements and customer’s sales orders.

- Connecting between the purchasing plan, production plan & customer’s sales orders.

- Following up of the safety stock of warehouses and identifying the required consumptions of raw materials, accessories and packaging materials to recover the production plan.

- Following up of the production order’s costs on the different operations including the estimated costs of materials, direct overheads & indirect costs.

- The optimal usage of the work center’s capacity to identify the accurate delivery times for customer’s sales orders.

- Following up of the estimated & realized consumption & costs for the finished products, materials and over heads in order to avoid the scraps.

- Calculation for the finished product’s cost price per unit per production order.

-Following up of the production’s operations through recording the route card for each finished product.

-Following up of the garment’s production operations specially cutting orders, sewing, finishing, ironing, packing & shipping.

-Following up of the garment’s production through the different stages from sales orders, production orders, packing instructions through the color size matrix.

Available Versions

- SQL.