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Textiles Material Warehouses

Textiles Material Warehouses

Textiles Material Warehouses

Follow up of the materials balances according to its consumptions to cover the customer’s sales orders of the styles and its different sizes in addition to record and follow up of the purchase orders in order to cover the requirements with recording for the materials receipts, issues and transfers transactions and its direct effect on its balances, also follow up for the release transactions on production orders and auditing for the finished product’s receipt transactions. In addition to extract an analytic report of the balances and transactions for all types of the receipt and issue transactions for the materials, styles and its various sizes during specific periods.


- Follow up of receiving the main materials on the firmed purchase orders and releasing it to the production lines or subcontracting, also follow up of the material release request from the planning department and finally follow up of the material transfer request.

- Follow up of the inventory transaction (issue, receipt and transfer transactions) and its direct effect on the item’s balances.

- An analytic follow up for the different types of inventory transactions such as subcontracting, production lines, vendors, customers or the items movement during specific periods.

- Follow up of the balances including style’s balances and its different sizes, customer’s balances or balances for sales orders.

- Follow up for the statuses of the material release request and the firmed orders.

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