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Hospital Management

CompactSoft Hospital Management System Package

Hospital Management

Complete follow up of the patient starting from entering the hospital throughout registering their personnel & disease information in their medical file started from the reception stage until extracting the detailed invoice for the patient including all the hospital’s services (such as residence, analyses, rays, surgeries, issuing medicines and other medical things) for the internal or external patients, company’s patients and special cases for doctors.

Hospital Management

Also registering & following up of all personnel & disease information throughout the medical file for the patient, the curative doctor, nurses, diagnosis and the place & degree of residence, also the availability to count the issued medicines from the pharmacy which means following up of the receipts & issues transactions of the medicines to the internal & external pharmacies, also following up of the supplied companies (local and imported) for the medicines, equipments and medical tools, also the availability to arrange the various surgery rooms to make surgery for the patient starting from reservation, confirmed reservation and registering the residence after finishing catheter surgery, transforming the patient into the room and following up from the curative doctor inside the resident room.

Also, registering & following up of the shifts transactions for the nurses & doctors in order to calculate the doctor’s fees & the account statement for each doctor.

Also, following up of the ray department according to each doctor, the type of patient whether internal or external and the different rays departments, also following up of the diagnosis in the lab.

And finally, registering and complete follow up of the emergencies & external clinics including the issued medicines and medical requisites in order to integrate between these sub modules and patients accounting module whether it is internal or external, following up of the company’s revenues completely & for every department separately and extracting the fees & the acceptable percentages for the doctors.


- The medical administration for the external, internal, emergencies, surgeries, x-rays, laboratories, catheter and other medical departments.

- Administrating the hospital’s internal & external pharmacies and the pharmacies of the surgeries & emergencies rooms.

- Following up of the hospital’s revenues and for each department separately.

- The financial auditing for the cash accounts of the patients & the companies.

- The financial & administration follow up of the doctors.

- Organizing, administrating of the reservations, occupation of the surgery’s rooms and extracting of the analytic information for each specialization.

- Following up of the shifts and the working times of the doctors & nurses.

- Following up of the extracted results from the lab analysis on the basis of the cash patients or the company’s patients.

- Following up of the x-rays types by classification from each doctor according to the patient type whether he’s internal or external.

- Following up of the external pharmacy by the medicines balances, the consumed on every warehouse, the sales orders requested from the companies and following up of the issued quantities on the base of the patients & surgeries.

- Following up of the patient’s medical file including the historical data of the patient.