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In patient Management System

patient Management System

Recording a complete file for the in-patient’s information including the entrance date of the hospital and identification of the patient’s type whether he’s a company follower, special case or a hospital follower, also identify the patient’s spending degree with the applicable price list with identification of the cured doctor and loading the patient’s invoice with all service’s values if all departments and finally extract the total or analytic invoice for the patient.


- Recording & following up of the personnel detailed information of the in-patient and following up of housing him in the applicable room according to the room’s degree.

- Recording & following up of the different price list of the medical departments for all service items, also follow up of its modification & execution on all similar companies.

- Extracting a report of the analytic invoices for the patients including all services of different departments or the total invoice.

- Follow up of the cash patient’s accounts and the company’s patients.

- Follow up of the patient’s entrance and exit times from the hospital in a specific period.

- Follow up of the in-patient’s revenues in different basis such as departments or doctors.

- The ability to balance the hospital’s revenues volume totally and for each department separately.

- Extracting a report of the in-patient’s trial balance (cash or companies) during different periods.

- Follow up & calculate the doctor’s fees on the basis of all departments and services.

- Extract a report for the status of rooms whether they are empty or reserved.

- Extract a report of the patient’s names list on the basis of different departments distributed on the floors or doctors.

- The ability to integrate between this module and all different sub models of the hospitals.

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