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Sales For Real Estate

Sales For Real Estate

Sales For Real Estate

Recording and following up of all detailed information in order to divide the organization’s projects into villages, villas, buildings, landed units or commercial projects with multi forms and identification of the sold, reserved and non sold units inside each project throughout recording reservations or contracts on specific sold projects including the total price unit, follow up of the installments according to methods of payments & payment schedules in order to follow up of its different payments and its effect on the project’s cash flows.


- Administrating the project’s sales.

- Identifying the sold, reserved and non sold projects.

- Following up of the sub projects on the basis of project and customer.

- Following up of the installments on the basis of project and customer.

- Identifying the project’s cash flow.

- Following up of the customer’s statement.

- Identification of the checks status (paid or unpaid checks).

- Calculation for the methods of payments & rescheduling of the customer’s aging.

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