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Employee Clinic

Employee Clinic Management System

Employee Clinic Management System

Recording and coding of the organization’s departments, infections, accidents, diseases and the infected organs, also follow up by the doctor for the infections with identifying the infected place and the ability to give vacation for the infected employee from the doctor’s recommendation in addition to identify the issued medicines, cures, consumptions and medical accessories. In addition to adjust the doctor’s custody of the medicines and medical consumptions.


- Record and follow up of the organization’s departments and shifts also identification of the diseases and accidents.

- Follow up of the employee’s checkup and identification for the type & volume of the infection, its occurrence date and its occurrence place inside the organization.

- Follow up of the infection status diagnosis or the accidental disease status by the clinic’s doctor and identification of the infected organ with the ability to give the patient a vacation from the clinic doctor’s recommendation.

- Follow up of the employee’s issued medicines, cures, consumptions and medical accessories from the inpatient clinic warehouse.

- Follow up of the doctor’s custody from medicines, issued cured accessories on the patients and the remaining balance.

- Follow up of the transferred employees to the hospital by the doctor’s recommendation.

Available Versions

- SQL.

- Oracle.