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Retail Management

CompactSoft Retail Management System Package

Retail Management

It is the company’s backbones from the centralized following up of the company’s sales branches throughout the synchronization between the head quarter & branches in more than one way to specify the largest branch in sales volume and the largest products in sales volume, also identify the product’s on hand for the branches throughout the branches counting and the petty cash counting to identify the cashier balance.

Auditing of the stock control levels in order to deliver the required quantities in the right time, following up of the purchase orders, the received quantities, the remainder and following up of the inventory turnover for the products.

CompactSoft Retail Management System Package

- Achieving fast & direct entry of sales orders through the cashiers

- The availability of refilling branch from another branch according to the sales and the available on hand of these branches.

- Following up of each branch’s warehouse on hand.

- Following up of each branch’s reservations volume.

- Following up of the requirements on specific products that are zero on hand throughout recording the sales orders on these products in order to take the right decision of producing more or not.

-Following up of the purchase orders and the availability of delivering it on the acceptable delivery dates with the vendors.

- Following up of the profits and losses resulted from the counting (comparing between the counted & on hand) and creation of adjustment transactions on the branches.

- Following up of the inventory turnover on the different levels.

- Analyzing of the vendor’s account statement for the cash, credit purchases and the different methods of payments