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Incentives Management

Incentives Management System

Incentives Management System

Following up of the incentive’s calculation whether it’s production or regularity incentives in terms of value, days or hours throughout connecting this module with optional other modules such as production module in order to calculate the productivity, the time attendance module in order to follow up the employee’s attending times and the personnel module and transforming this incentive into value posted to the payroll module according to the standard equation of the organization.


- Availability of calculating all typed of incentives ,production incentive or discipline incentive.

- Availability of calculating weekly or monthly or annual incentives.

- Availability of calculating incentive by hours or days or value.

- Availability of creating an equation to calculate the incentive according to company regulations.

- Facilitates calculating incentives according to predefined production criteria.

- Facilitates calculating incentives according to predefined discipline criteria.

Available Versions


- Oracle.