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Payroll Management

Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System

Recording and following up of the base salary items and deduction salary items, its calculation methods and connecting these items per employee, department or on the whole company, also recording the fixed items, posting them monthly & following up of the variable items, also recording of the loans, its monthly return and the ability to receive the delays, overtimes and absences items from time attendance module, also receiving the penalties & deducted vacations from the personnel module, also calculating the insurance & taxes according to the law with extracting the employee’s payroll slip or the company’s payroll slip, the company’s payroll statement and a report of loans details & balances on the bases of departments, employees or the company and finally extracting the insurance, taxes, income tax and adjustment taxes statements whether it’s monthly or annually


- Recording of employee’s salaries & extracting a report of the payroll slips and payroll statements in summary & details.

- Accurate & fast calculation of the fixed & variable taxes and insurance according to the laws of state.

- The availability of using more than one calculation method for the base salary items and deduction salary items (whether it’s fixed or variable) inside the organization.

- Following up of calculating the different profits and incentives on the employee’s level & company’s level.

- Recording of employee’s loans and the actual return of loans.

- Following up of adjustments, the employee’s income tax and the company’s income tax whether it is annually or monthly.

- The availability of releasing the employee’s salaries from the petty cash and different banks.

- The availability of integrating between the payroll and general ledger modules and its distribution on the cost centers & projects.

Available Versions

- SQL.

- Oracle.