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Drawback Management

Drawback Management System

Drawback Management System

Record and follow up of the detailed information about the custom’s release notes, the relationship between vendors and custom’s release notes, follow up of the certificates in & out, adjustments and sales taxes, also follow up of the customer’s invoices and its relationship with certificates out and finally the automatic calculation of the due & regained values from customs.


- Tracking of the imported materials used in producing finished products for exporting purposes.

- Tracking of the different types for letters of guarantee (e.g. bank letters and the organization's statements which includes adjustments & discounts) for identifying the value of the guarantee.

- Tracking of the customs release certificate including the detailed information of the imported materials (e.g. quantities, values and extracting expenses, services & taxes values) for identifying the appropriate guarantee and following up the remaining balance.

- Tracking of the vendor’s invoices (item’s quantities & values) and tie it with the custom release certificate.

- Tracking of the export release certificate including the detailed information about the shipping company, the exported finished products and relate it with the consumed raw materials according to the different production rates, also relate export release certificates with the release certificates and extracting the scrap rates.

- Tracking of the customer’s export sales invoices (quantities & values) and relate it with the export release certificates.

- Automatic calculations for the appropriate values of the customs, also the retrieved values from the customs after finishing the settlement of the export release certificate.

- Extracting of the drawback reports about the balances of the release certificates which is settled before or after matching with the custom balances.

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