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E- Invoice


For the sake of digital transformation of business management and in the context of keeping up with the latest developments in the relationship between the tax authority and the taxpayer; Compact Soft was keen to present its latest product, which is the E- Invoice program, which links a group of Compact Soft programs and (others) to the Egyptian Tax Authority website in order to convert the issuance of paper invoices into E- Invoices.
E- Invoice


•Providing the service of linking the E- Invoice with the tax authority website for any of the companies that do not work on programs or have other programs and that do not have the link system with the tax authority.

•The linking program is an easy program that draws and prepares invoices in the form corresponding to the website of the tax authority.

•The ability to review invoices and show missing data before sending them.

•The emergence of messages about problems that may hinder the transmission as a result of wrong data such as the tax file number and others.

•Real-time synchronization between the linking program and the tax authority site in sending and receiving invoices.

•The ability to cancel the sent invoices, update them, and send them again.

•There's no any changes in the way of works to Our customers in Compactsoft software package.


•Reducing the administrative burden,transaction cost and the need to archive a paper invoice document.

•The application of the E- Invoice system works to facilitate the examination procedures later.

•Reducing audit procedures with the possibility of remote review.

•Facilitating tax refund procedures, which facilitates the process of preparing tax reports.

•All previous benefits are to regulate the relationship with the taxpayer and taxes only.

E-Invoice Integration With Compactsoft ERP Systems

E-Invoice Integration With Other Systems